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Get to Know the Team + Special Interview

Hi everyone! We are Medical Perspectives (MedSpecs), a McGill undergraduate organization that maintains a supportive community for students curious about medical careers to access information, exchange ideas, and gain first-hand experience. Below you can find a list of our team members:

  • Co-Presidents – Lisa & Peter
  • Senior Advisor – Sayaka
  • VP Logistics – Liam & Drew
  • Logistics Committee – Bailey
  • VP Events – Janice
  • Fundraising/Events Committee – Jerry
  • VP Publicity – Vanessa & Elaine
  • VP Finance – Max
  • VP Internal – JP
  • VP External – Muhammad & Jonathan
  • VP Communications – Adele
  • VP Shadowing – Jason
  • VP Social Media – Nancy
  • VP Web Design – Marcus

To get to know the team better, we asked each of our members vital questions this past week:

  1. If you could be a kitchen utensil for the rest of your life what would you be?

Lisa – a garlic press: it saves so much time and they’re fun

Drew – I’d be a whisk because I like to mix things up

Vanessa – a fork. 

Bailey – cast iron skillet

Jerry – the humble rolling pin

  1. Favourite Ice Cream Flavor?

Peter – I make the BEST rose loukoum ice cream and I also love passion fruit sorbet


Liam – Choco fudge 

Nancy – Strawberry!!!

Jason – Strawberry cheesecake


  1. How many times have you fallen down Montreal hills during wintertime?

Adele – Six: I’m dedicated to that icy hill and doc martens combo.

JP – Five: My man I was just walking and BOOM I was hugging the Earth.

Max –  Four: McTavish is not my friend.

Jonathan – Zero! 😎.


  1. What’s your favourite place to eat in Montreal?

Marcus – Timeout Market 

Elaine – Que sada

Muhammed – Schwartz

Janice – Pho Bang New York for Pho #5


Check out the ‘The Team’ page on the website to get to know even more about each member. 


All the best,

Marcus and Adele